Shooting at Midnight Release of The Dark Knight Rises

Aurora, CO – Imagine the following scenario. You’re a die-hard Batman fan. You’ve been prepping for the release of The Dark Knight Rises for over a week. You even have tickets to the midnight release. You go to the theater, get your popcorn, and sit down as the movie begins. You’re excited. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all year. Then, 20 minutes into the movie, some jerk kicks in the emergency exit, throws some tear gas, and starts shooting up the place. Unfortunately, this is not just a scenario. This happened in Aurora, Co this morning at the midnight release of TDKR. 12 people are dead, and many more are injured. The suspect has been identified as James Holmes, 24. According to police, Holmes kicked in one of the emergency exits, threw in some tear gas, and opened fire. One hospital even had to activate their disaster plan because of all the people flooding in. You can read the whole story at My thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their families and friends. This type of thing always makes me sick.

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